April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017 – Local Solo/Ensemble

Class Agenda

  • Physical Warmups – Stretch, Shoulders, Chop, Knead, Spine, Switch, Chop, Knead, Spine (15 seconds/per). Forward – Wake up your face, jaws, temples, scalp (15 seconds/per).
  • Announcement: The date of the Spring Concert is May 18th. Please make the necessary plans with your family to be in attendance.

Charles Hazelwood: Trusting the ensemble – Please take notes on what Maestro Hazelwood suggests, and be prepared to discuss it in class tomorrow. 

Conductor Charles Hazlewood talks about the role of trust in musical leadership — then shows how it works, as he conducts the Scottish Ensemble onstage. He also shares clips from two musical projects: the opera “U-Carmen eKhayelitsha” and the ParaOrchestra.