Mass Choir 2019 – 11 February

Choruses Lead the Way!

  1. How does singing make you feel as a human being?
  2. Think of something you struggle with: School, Family, Friends, etc. How can singing – alone or with a group – help you on a daily basis?
  3. Even though this study is 10 years old, the number of singers nationwide has continued to climb. Why might this be the case?

Singing with the Diaphragm

  1. Often, we talk about “breathing low and breathing deep.” What did you learn about this today?
  2. “Good singing is frumpy singing”? How does this teach us to focus on our breath?
  3. Creating a fuel gauge for our singing is something we think about all the time. Take a deep breath over a count of 8 – hold it for a count of 8 – exhale over a count of 8. How did that change your understanding of breathing for singing?

Kulning (An ancient for of herdcalling from Scandinavia)

  1. How would you describe the sound of kulning? What descriptors would you use?
  2. Do you think it would work? Why/why not?
  3. Take a look/listen for yourself and find out.